Phew… Avada5 have been released and it’s time to get back and continue migrating the site from Koken to WordPress. (Like 5 months late?)

Do like the new Fusion Builder, feels a lot better and easier to use than the previous. Not to mention, being able to save Templates! That helps so much in “importing” content from my Koken, which is all the same tedious work~

Alrighty, that’s about it for today, managed to get the following up to minimum imagination stage

  • Menus
    • Basically the structure of the website!
  • Portfolios and their categories
    • Decided to merge Musicians and Artists into “People”
  • Sliders
    • Oh yes! Getting better at it, but still need to decide on some colour and layout
  • Local testing on MAMP
    • Speed! Any web admin can understand the pain from waiting for WordPress loading times
    • If your media are mainly high-res photos, this will mean having an experience between heaven and hell (video upload to server anyone?)