Resilio Sync 2.6 Update

New update from Resilio Sync brings a new statistics graph

I use/rely on Resilio Sync for most of my automated syncing between systems

Scenarios that use Resilio Sync:

  • Files backup
    • Sync manually selected folders on working device eg: MacBook Pro (mid 2015) back to my NASes for active backup and sync
    • Resilio Sync 2.6 MBP

      Resilio Sync 2.6 MBP

  • Sync Synology Shared Folders between Home(1) & Home(2) NASes
    • Resilio Sync 2.6 NAS GUI

      Resilio Sync 2.6 NAS GUI

The recent update to 2.6 introduces a neat statistics GUI, about time!