Site updates – GDPR message, PHP and Discord

Been spending some time to update and do some posting on the website~

Quite a few welcomed changes since the last time I checked

GDPR & You

Though I did know about the whole GDPR shebang, didn’t really update it as this site doesn’t really collect any of your personal particulars & use it in any way by me unless you wish to comment on the posts, which is done by third-party plugins like Disqus

The website still uses Google Analytics to track visits though…



GDPR Consent Message (as with most websites nowadays)

via WordPress plugin: GDPR Cookie Consent @ [icon name=”external-link” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] or official website, GDPR Cookie Consent @ WebToffee [icon name=”external-link” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]

Very easy to use plugin. Did not spend much time on the custom CSS, as the text and buttons placement wasn’t what I wanted between different mobile screen sizes. Eg: Android One vs iPhone X

Went with the quick ol’ <br></br> to make things clearer. Unfortunately bigger, but hey, a well informed GDPR message

PHP Backend

Changed from PHP5.4 to PHP7.2

Do notice the increase in speed when loading WordPress admin pages

Super welcomed change!

Discord channel for this site

Been having a blast with Discord bots recently. Just like the golden mIRC days, but better and more modern GUI

Free API for some of my systems and Linux scripts to send alerts & notifications

General channel for users who wants to ask questions regarding my tutorials etc or anything really~

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