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Tutorials written for the layman if possible

Sending Linux Variables to Discord Webhook from Linux Bash Shell Script

Sending Linux Variables to Discord Webhook from Linux Bash Shell Script Discord provides an API where you can send messages/notifications via their webhook using curl . Which is all very helpful, except the code provided on their website only allows plain text, you can’t pass $variables onto it Having started playing with Linux Bash scripts, […]
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pfSense ntopng export flows to ELK stack for monitoring

pfSense ntopng export flows to ELK stack for monitoring A more detailed step by step tutorial might follow on how to setup ELK stack etc… For now, I am going to assume you have ntopng installed on a pfSense and already have an ELK stack running and ready to collect data pfSense & ntopng woes The […]
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Synology SNMP Network Monitoring with LibreNMS Docker

Synology SNMP Monitoring with LibreNMS Tutorial for installing LibreNMS on Synology NAS via Docker to monitor SNMP enabled network devices Update Jul 23, 2020 Tutorial fully working again 🙂 Credits to Jari Schäfer jarischaefer for pointing me in the right direction. Details @ Changelog Choosing a different hostname alias other than “db” when linking MariaDB […]
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iPad access AirVideoHD Docker

Synology AirVideoHD Docker – Graphical Install without SSH

Synology AirVideoHD Docker – Graphical Install without SSH Aug 27, 2018 Update Revisited this post to try to fix the workaround by applying read permissions to all users, which is not ideal if your NAS is shared with other users Had fun with docker building, and found another image that works better than dmaxwell/airvideohd’s, as […]
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RSync (MacOSX) & Automator & Terminal

Following the creation of my HandBrake CLI automator tutorial, here comes another useful Automator application/workflow/action for backing up photos and/or other uses using RSync.
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Celcom 4G PortaWiFi with TP Link Router

Malaysia/Sabah – Switching over to 4G LTE broadband

Using 4G LTE as your broadband internet You are probably itching for faster internet speeds especially if you’re residing in Sabah. (I reside in Tawau) This post will cover the necessary equipment you should get before subscribing to any 4G broadband plans and how to quickly convert your current home broadband to the new 4G […]
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Batch Encoding Videos HandBrake CLI & growlnotify (Mac OS X)

I ran into a slight problem where growlnotify command was not found while running a Shell Script in Automator. Took me sometime to find out the problem which was actually quite easy (if I had a lil bit more experience with unix) Noob with Unix commands and all, thought I will write a short tutorial […]
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X100S with Speedlite 600EX-RT

I was checking on my Google Analytics and found out someone reached this site via the keywords “fuji x100s 600ex-rt” and thought I’d give it a try! Size… depends how you look at it DSLR shooter – The X100S’s really compact! Compact shooter – Speedlite 600EX-RT’s really big! Too Tight – Shutter dial
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Shooting Instruments

Guitar & Guitarists & Eye-Fi & Off-Camera Lighting As a drummer I’ve always admired guitarists and guitars. Had 2 friends came over to my place and decided to use them a models for my [learning to shoot with lighting] experience. I have never been a great fan of using lighting when I started photography. Have […]
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