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Kishiwada Castle 岸和田城

Kishiwada Castle 岸和田城 Been a long time since I've gone for some photo shooting :) Time to get my hands dirty with the new A7R3! Sharper Sharpness Sharp I usually upload 2048px sized photos onto the website, but it doesn't do any justice to the photos taken on the A7R3 [...]

Almost there…

Last week I have resumed migrating my content from Koken CMS to WordPress, making some good progress so far! Major hassles left to settle: Slider templates and their respective mobile text sizes A better way to showcase photos full screen on their individual pages

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Leica Q ; new album added

Added "Leica Q" album to the site! (This is not a review of the Leica Q, just some comments on it so far… maybe I should write a short review on it sometime…) Been having a fun time taking photos with the Leica Q! When you have been taking photos for quite some time, you can get carried away with the technicalities of the DSLR and filters for iPhone. The Q unconsciously makes you fall back to when taking photos was fun

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Since January 2015

Wow, been quite some time since I posted anything on the site... For that as well, I have not been much into photography nowadays, ever since moving to Taiwan. That aside, it has been quite a fast year 2015 for me and already 2016!

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Fiery Drum Practice

Couldn't sleep the night before, and stayed awake till the next morning. I was so bored, was thinking on what to do and decided to do what I love best, drums and photography. Strobe(s) location: 1x on the drums in front of me 1x with Rogue Flashbender L on the camera right, positioned behind me and aimed towards my back Processed in Lightroom

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