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A composite

Not very good at using photoshop but had fun when a friend came over. RC Plane Blues - Taking the plane from this picture And pasting the plane into this picture Cheerful Blue & Plane Added the following effects Lens Flare Plane with wind [...]

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Accessory Detail Macro Shoot

Have a wedding shoot coming in the next few days come and thought of practicing some detail shoot. First time using extension tubes and shooting macro with a DSLR! Equipment: 5D3 + 50mm / 70-200mm / 24-105mm + Kenko Extension Tubes (Mostly 12mm / 20mm) + 600EX-RT Earring and [...]

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Smoke rings & photographing smoke

Was trying out lighting and came up with the following pictures...  Setup: 5D3 + ST-E3-RT + 600EX-RTx2 One of the speedlites were placed behind the subject for the glowing effect with the other speedlite placed on the right of the subject (left of the picture) I had the right speedlite [...]

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Had a fun trip to 伊勢神宮 and 二見興玉神社. Lots of people and heavy rain Equipment: Mostly 6D + 24-70 f/2.8L II 伊勢神宮へ Shot the signboard with 70-200 with 2x extender ¥1000駐車場 Smart way of making some money 伊勢神宮1 Queuing to get into the shrine [...]

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