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Fixing the site

Fixing the site Updates 2022-03-06 Site is more mobile responsive Making better use of new Avada feature: Avada Layouts "Better" UI Current post header Progress bar at bottom Pretty satisfied with the new Avada Layouts feature, fully customizable "sections"! A very welcomed addition/feature improvement provided by Avada Site is [...]

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Domain and Changes

Domain and Changes Year 2020! Time sure flew! Other than the usual maintenance updates of WordPress and its plugins, the last "major" update was a second-page addition to Home(1) - Switched over to UBNT Ubiquiti UniFi Wireless APs It gets increasingly difficult over the years to grow any inspiration [...]

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Almost there…

Last week I have resumed migrating my content from Koken CMS to WordPress, making some good progress so far! Major hassles left to settle: Slider templates and their respective mobile text sizes A better way to showcase photos full screen on their individual pages

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Fine Tuning Sliders

Phew... Avada5 have been released and it's time to get back and continue migrating the site from Koken to Wordpress. (Like 5 months late?) Do like the new Fusion Builder, feels a lot better and easier to use than the previous. Not to mention, being able to save Templates! That [...]

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Sliders and sliders

Been playing with the theme included sliders, and wow, sliders have really come a long way! I like one of Slider Revolution's photography demo sliders. Cool! Unfortunately, as Slider Revolution is an included slider, I don't have access to the demo slider, which makes understanding, editing and using the plugin more difficult. That aside, the "normal" version of the website is looking as to how I would have sketched... But there's still a bunch of editing to go!

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