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2013 Jul 10

over 10 years ago

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2023 Jan 01

about 1 year ago

Have a wedding shoot coming in the next few days come and thought of practicing some detail shoot

First time using extension tubes and shooting macro with a DSLR!


5D3 + 50mm / 70-200mm / 24-105mm + Kenko Extension Tubes (Mostly 12mm / 20mm) + 600EX-RT

70-200mm @ 75mm

Lighting from the right, Macbook Pro palm rest area as background.

  • Small changes to the position makes a large difference in the result!

70-200mm @ 70mm

From top, against a black velvet background. Lighting directly above (adjacent to lens)

70-200mm @ 70mm

Lighting from left


I got this Zippo from my sister in 2002 and have been using it since! The text used to be in black but the paint has all brushed off due to use.


Friend's zippo.


Fun with Macro!

While testing out the extension tubes on all my lenses, I prefer pairing the tubes with the 24-105mm or 70-200mm because of its IS. Maybe not the 70-200mm as its big and heavy.

Overall it was a really fun experience using manual focus! Looking forward to a new perspective!

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