New website 2023

New website 2023

Welcome to the new website!
Posted On: 2023 Jan 23Last Updated: 10 months ago
From 2020 and into 2023

From 2020 and into 2023

Didn’t really plan this timing/schedule but with the New Years (into 2023) coming along, I was visiting my older posts and nostalgia sets in
Posted On: 2022 Dec 31Last Updated: 10 months ago
Site Broken and Progressive Fix

Site Broken and Progressive Fix

With the latest WordPress major updates, the site is 'kinda' broken
Posted On: 2021 Apr 16Last Updated: 12 months ago
Domain and Changes

Domain and Changes

I have also made a title change to the main welcome page "Tech Enthusiast, Photographer & Drummer"
Posted On: 2020 Feb 23Last Updated: 11 months ago
New Theme - Eram

New Theme - Eram

Site CMS has been from Wordpress > Koken > Wordpress. Hoping this theme will stay
Posted On: 2017 Feb 12Last Updated: 10 months ago

Almost there...

Posted On: 2016 Oct 31Last Updated: 11 months ago

Again again again - change of CMS

Koken was a good run, I liked its theme as it was closest to what I wanted, but it was time to go back to Wordpress
Posted On: 2016 Mar 28Last Updated: 11 months ago

Cloudflare flexible CDN

Using Cloudflare's free flexible SSL
Posted On: 2014 Oct 07Last Updated: 11 months ago


Posted On: 2014 Jul 29Last Updated: 11 months ago

Under construction

Posted On: 2014 Jul 04Last Updated: 11 months ago

Cloudflare & to Koken

Moving to Cloudflare and Koken
Posted On: 2014 Apr 21Last Updated: 11 months ago

Slow website & sections updated

It has come to my realization that the website is rather slow, due to the fact that I upload large quality images on the website
Posted On: 2013 Mar 16Last Updated: 11 months ago

From scratch!

Phew~ Site is almost up... spent an amount of time playing with the theme, mostly thinking of a proper workflow...
Posted On: 2012 Nov 30Last Updated: 11 months ago

Welcome to

Migrated over from for whatever Photography
Posted On: 2012 Nov 30Last Updated: 11 months ago
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