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2012 Dec 01

over 11 years ago

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2022 Dec 31

over 1 year ago


Phew~ Site is almost up... spent an amount of time playing with the theme, mostly thinking of a proper workflow... (Am I thinking too much over a Wordpress theme?!)

Got the site up an hour ago, but! was working in a different folder rather than the root.

Tried to transfer the whole folder over to the root but the theme got broken and prettyPhoto stopped working. (I can't live without Lightbox! Have to get it to work)

Heck, I'll just do everything from scratch, and took another hour to copy and upload from the previous folder to the root. Feeling all good and happy now, really glad I thought of a workflow.

Updates so far

  • Site more or less working, not sure on current workflow, will get better once I use the site more
  • Need more... more... photos uploaded... will do a thorough run through of my photos again
    • Honestly its embarrassing because I don't have much portfolio-ish photos taken with the Canon EOS 500D. I do remember having some good shots but can't remember the date (don't we all have this problem when you take lots of photos)
  • CDN enabled site
    • Loving W3 Total Cache. It's such an easy to use plugin! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to install CDN on your wordpress.
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