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2012 Dec 01

over 11 years ago

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2022 Dec 31

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Migrated over from for whatever Photography.

Decided to go with Wordpress and also the use of Themes! I guess will become just a normal and boring website for anything non-photography related. Hm... maybe I could make it into a Portal for QWEphotos

  • Bought and started some basic post and page import onto Wordpress, will need sometime to get everything ready, and getting used to how the Theme works (esp. the Galleries!)
  • Browsed through old photos to put up as a portfolio (portfolio? really? nah...) on the main welcome page

UTF8 Testing

おはようございます (日本語)

你好 (中文)

Let's get started with the uploading of photos! ... wait ... workflow workflow ... let's import the photos into Lightroom and export

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