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2014 Apr 21

almost 10 years ago

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2023 Jan 01

about 1 year ago

Cloudflare CDN

I used to use CDN77 as a CDN server for faster speeds, disabled it due to theme features not loading. I have moved over to Cloudflare and saw a tremendous improvement in speed! Best of all, it's free. Recommended for speed boost & free CDN

My initial setup on this site was to use W3's cache plugin which worked really well, but not all themes support it I guess. (Especially when loading javascripts frameworks)

Cloudflare's setup depends on a nameserver change, which I find to be more reliable in terms of serving javascript files. It might be too early to say, but I'm happy as it works

Sadly, my current server (based in Malaysia) is also giving me constant Server 500 errors during late nights, hope the new Cloudflare setup and ability to serve cached versions of the site will help instead of showing an Internal 500 server error


I'm so moving over to the Koken CMS platform! I have been playing around with my koken test site and it fits my needs

Will start porting the old posts from this site to the new one...


  1. Syncing the whole public_html directory to my local drive so that its easier for me to find the pictures that are attached to the posts.
  2. Backup of course! Eventually this site will become an archive, and serves as a memory.
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