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2015 Mar 26

about 9 years ago

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2023 Jan 06

over 1 year ago

Sigma 50mm F1.4 DG HSM ART

Sigma 50mm F1.4 DG HSM ART added to the big family, while the old Sigma 50mm retired from the front lines to my brother-in-law's good & steady hands. Looking forward to Amelia's pictures!

Out of Focus

The previous Sigma 50mm was being mischievous with focusing issues. How about the 5D3's AF Micro adjustment? Unfortunately, adjustments need to be made with different adjustments at different distances between the subject and camera. This resulted from 90% keep rate to a low 10-20% depending on distance between subject. The picture below is probably a lucky snap with the distance that I know has a higher keep rate, with the subject moving nicely into focus plane. Not to mention you start shooting at f/2 and above to ensure focus hits

It wasn't like this to begin with, but over the years, and one time which I could remember it fell about 30cm from a ledge onto concrete floor and rolled a metre away, that was probably the one time it started and contributed to its increasing OOF (out of focus) performances. Uhhh, the invisible tear drop from the heart where fellow photographers will understand.

3rd party Lenses & Durability

I have nothing against 3rd party lenses, but I had even more tear drops from my other L lenses. For example, 70-200mm which had so many tear drop incidents that I kinda got used to it. (Now decorated with bangs and scratches)

But, it still works. Without any issues that I come to know of

It is not because I am clumsy like DigitalRev's Kai, but accidents do happen

If anytime in the future Canon comes up with a new 50mm L that rivals or even fall a tad short of this 50mm ART's performance, I would gladly purchase it for its durability and/if weather proofing

Hats off to the old 50mm

Nothing is perfect. Thank you for the 1.4 bokehlicious photos, old 50. I will hand you over to better, steadier, trustful hands of my brother-in-law, where you will witness the growing up of my niece, Amelia

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