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2013 Apr 08

about 11 years ago

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2023 Jan 01

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Was checking on my Google Analytics and found out someone reached this site via the keywords "fuji x100s 600ex-rt" and thought I'd give it a try!

Size... depends how you look at it

DSLR shooter - The X100S's really compact!

Compact shooter - Speedlite 600EX-RT's really big!

Too Tight - Shutter dial

The 600EX-RT fits nicely onto the flash hot-shoe provided by the X100S, tightly. There is a slight problem though, after locking the 600EX-RT in, it becomes almost impossible to turn the shutter dial of the X100S due to the 600EX-RT's rubber. Maybe I did not apply enough strength, it does feel like it can be turned if I were to use more strength, but I don't want to break either of them. If yours do turn, good news for you.

Work-around 1 - Don't lock the 600EX-RT

As the hot-shoe was really tight, I decided not to lock the flash in, and the shutter dial was useable again. The flash does not feel like it will slide out easily even if you lean the camera inwards.

But, everyone knows if you keep using the hot-shoe, I bet it will become looser and one day, it will slide out.

Work-around 2 - Lock & Unlock

If you absolutely must use the flash (which eventually one day I will), you can still lock the flash in, when you need to change shutter values, unlock the flash, change shutter dial, and lock it back in.

I will most definitely stick to this method if I'm required to use the flash.

Did not really play much with customizing the X100S buttons so I am not sure whether the shutter values can be changed via the command lever/scroll, if it can be changed to control the shutter values, then you have your problem solved.

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