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2016 Feb 05

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2024 Jan 13

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渋谷 SWING - Shibuya Jazz, Coffee, & Mood Music

During my short week trip to Tokyo to visit my friends, I visited a jazz-themed cafe - 渋谷 SWING - Shibuya Jazz, Coffee, & Mood Music - in Shibuya. A little difficult to find the place for newcomers in Japan, Google Maps will do the trick. (I am not familiar with Tokyo at all!)

Once you reach LAWSON, be careful not to walk further, you should see a restaurant/bar on the ground floor and right beside it is an entrance to the building. Enter the small entrance and make your way up the stairs surrounded by brick to the 4th floor

Luckily the place had only one customer (around 5pm), selected a seat over the corner of the cafe

Ordered a cup coffee before asking the master whether I could take photos of the place

Jazz records

This is a jazz record lovers' paradise. I am either knowledgeable in records or a collector, but I love Jazz! Time for photos! I felt like a kid holding a camera (the Leica Q) for the first time and snapped away! Shifted to macro mode on the Leica Q

Another cup

Do not judge by appearance

My appearance may look young and, how is a guy like me in a jazz cafe, jazz is for the aged! Soon, I had the look from the customer probably in his 50s~60s, while ecstatically admiring and taking photos of the aged jazz records and instruments (or rather props, don't know whether they still work)

Photographers... bending, getting low and posture, you get the idea. I wouldn't have done that if the cafe had more customers

As I finished snapping the main stage, when I turned back to head towards my seat for a break, to my surprise, the customer pointed in the direction of the bar and asked me to take some photos of the record player

As the customer was leaving, I was back at my seat and we greeted each other with a nod. Would have loved to chat with him! I feel there's the same excitement and love for Jazz and interesting stories to be heard from him

Jazz. It just connects people, no matter the age gap

Master of 渋谷 SWING

Would have loved to stay longer and actually listen to the music, but I had an appointment with a friend, so it was time for me to leave and decided to ask the master for a portrait shot

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